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At DaystarSolar we love challenges. So when a customer approached us to power his factory with Solar energy, we did a site survey and noticed the lack of area to deploy conventional solar power plants. After careful consideration, we deduced that unconventional or high end solutions are not financially viable as it would increase investment and delay returns. The customer was then presented with two holistic solutions to choose from.


Panasonic Polycrystalline modules, SMA grid tie inverter, DaystarSolar Junction boxes and a custom designed elevated structure with canteen underneath to improve incident radiation. This projected a reduction in electricity bill by 70% and investment by 40% compared to other viable solutions. 


Panasonic HIT™ Solar modules, SMA core 1 inverter, DaystarSolar distribution boxes with custom designed structures for sheet mounting and elevated walkways for easy cleaning. This leads to higher production with ultra high efficiency modules which are 20% smaller yet produce the same output. The projected savings were 90%.


After several optimizations, the customer accepted Proposal ‘A’ comprising of Panasonic Poly-crystalline technology with SMA inverters for the highest LCoE ratio at 60kW. With 40% accelerated Depreciation allowed, it meant he would break even in 2.5 years! Now he has increased his operating margins by a whopping 9%! All this including a 25 year peace of mind warranty with high yielding Panasonic technology combined with engineering efficiency and expertise from DaystarSolar.

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