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We are happy you made it this far, now all you need to do is to enter your information in the calculator section below and see based on your actual past 2 year consumption pattern, what would be your solar power plant capacity requirement for 100% savings on your energy bills!

Please note that you can also install less than total requirement so as to ease into the solar revolution.

Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well, it is! Just make sure your email address and your consumer number are correct so that we can email you the report generated on your screen instantly.

FYI: Your consumer number is the nine-digit number on your EB card. As of now our calculator is custom-built for the Tamil Nadu region only. We will be soon unveiling our services pan-India. Keep visiting us for more information on that.

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What is Solar Energy?
Solar energy is energy derived by converting light into energy, which can be used to power our homes & offices. It is arguably the best type of renewable energy available due to its versatility, consistency, and seemingly endless supply. Solar energy is absolutely free and readily available no matter the location and time of year.

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